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Permanent Makeup Services

Microblading and Semi-Permanent make up 

As a certified permanent makeup artist, Steve Douch specialises in precision microblading for gorgeously sculpted eyebrows.The brows frame the face and create a beautiful natural feature. It adds warmth, supports expression, and can create a wonderfully youthful appeal when correctly styled.


Steve Douch's permanent makeup will create the perfect brow shape with added volume. Eyebrows can lose hair over time or become sparse owing to overplucking. No matter the cause, Steve Douch's permanent makeup will create beautiful brows with microblading techniques in the UK.


The natural and lasting results you can achieve with eyebrow microblading simply cannot be achieved with daily makeup applications or semi-permanent makeup. With microblading in London and beyond, you will receive a personalised eyebrow design to complement your face shape and your complexion.

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How is Microblading and permanent make up performed? 

Eyebrow microblading is implemented with fine hair strokes and gentle shading, replicating the natural hairs for a seamless result.
Steve Douch offers unique microblading techniques, including ombre eyebrows, with long-lasting outcomes.

What is the Cost of Microblading?
Microblading cost is dependent on the time and the technique to achieve the desired enhancement. Steve  will present a quotation in consultation. 

Eye liner

To create beautifully defined eyes, we deliver permanent eyeliner treatments. Permanent eyeliner supports lash enhancement, instantly creating a bold and fresh appeal. As eyes appear wider, it also helps eliminate tired eyes that contribute to an aged appearance. 
A permanent liner can be applied to the top and the bottom lash line. In consultation with a permanent makeup artist, the appropriate eyeliner application will be discussed. 
We create winged applications with a natural flick effect, which transforms the eyes' look and shape.  
Prevent stretching the delicate area around your eyes with daily liner applications. Avoid smudges or faded eyeliner halfway through your day or night out. With permanent eyeliner, maintain beautifully defined eyes all year round. 

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Permanent Lipliner 

If you desire fuller, lush looking lips, we can help you achieve this and more with permanent lip makeup. Steve Douch introduces full lip colour to create the appearance of naturally lush lips. 
Permanent makeup artists design a beautiful lip shape and a more youthful result by adding a complementary colour. 
A soft enhancement of the vermillion border is also available with a gentle lip blush. 

Beauty Portrait

Schedule Your Next Permanent Makeup Consultation 

From microblading eyebrows to lasting eyeliner, contact us to schedule your next consultation for Steve Douch's permanent makeup.

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