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Steve Douch,

Esteemed Makeup Artist, Cosmetics Instructor and Inspirational Leader/Innovator/Artist

World-renowned Makeup Artist

Steve Douch is a world-renowned makeup artist and international cosmetics instructor with a specialization in permanent makeup. Having discovered his passion for art and inspiration in individual beauty, he pursued a career in the cosmetic industry since 2004. Steve possesses a natural gift for creating and enhancing natural beauty. From the contours of gorgeously sculpted eyebrows to creating soft eyes with lush lashes and an even tone with a complementary foundation, every aspect of his cosmetic ingenuity and passion for his clients has created an exemplary makeup brand, STV Cosmetics.

Natural Makeup

My Story

Steve Douch – Founder of STV Cosmetics, Professional Teacher, and Permanent Makeup Artist.
Having started a lucrative career more than a decade ago, Steve first entered the realm of cosmetics upon working in film and television. As a professional teacher, assessor and IQA, he has taught countless students from colleges to private schools across the UK.
During his studies, Steve pursued a course in Immunology, which expanded his knowledge of the body and its interaction with artistic applications. Working with some of the UK's top brands  and training academies teaching permanent makeup that initiated the inspiration behind his diverse, valuable, and inspirational cosmetic pursuits.

Professional Uk Literature

​It was upon his intricate cosmetic enhancements with celebrities that lead to the creation of an exciting and unique makeup line, STV Cosmetics. After developing products for competitive UK cosmetic companies, Steve finally invested in his precision foundation line introducing flawless makeup applications. His successful cosmetic range is for men and women and is highly sought after by celebrities.Steve has completed professional UK literature and is well-recognized for his impactful and influential teaching approach.

Applying Makeup

Steve’s Current Pursuits

With an incredible background in academic and practical makeup artistry, Steve continues to perfect his capabilities and professionalism in permanent and semi-permanent makeup. He has maintained an exceptional work ethic and adopted stringent hygiene practices amidst the Covid-19 pandemic.

A Premium Cosmetic Enhancement Range

​Steve’s exciting initiatives include his premium cosmetic line. With years of experience and industry expertise, he has developed a unique line of foundations inspired by differing client needs and skin types.
Steve is an expert makeup artist, an internationally recognized cosmetic lecturer and teacher, a permanent makeup artist, and the founder of STV cosmetics. His belief in creating beauty and individual enhancement through art has inspired his personal and professional journey within the creative and beautiful cosmetic realm.

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Steve possesses more than a decade of experience in creating and enhancing beauty in his subjects through the precision application of makeup.

He is knowledgeablein skin anatomy and physiology level 3.

Steve possesses a distinguished level 4 IQ award in permanent makeup and microblading.

“I’ve spent my career striving to be the best, both in the art and in working with the living body! Spending time with clients to educate them on how micropigmentation works, becoming an inspirational trainer and leader in the art of PMU.” ~ Steve Douch, founder of STV Cosmetics.


Trusted and Innovative Permanent Makeup Artist

Steve found that makeup could drastically improve his clients' confidence and without it immediately washing off or smudging. Permanent makeup offered convenience, and lasting enhancement, so many were looking for. Steve has also worked with Cancer patients, helping restore their confidence through the art and the beauty of semi-permanent makeup.

As he went onto pursue his studies in permanent makeup, his brand STV Cosmetics introduced the Nouveau contour EU approved intelligent machine and safety cartridge needles for best practices and precision client results.

Today, Steve takes pride in his semi-permanent makeup classes. The coursework presents cosmetic techniques, the importance of hygiene, and the art of microblading. Steve delivers trustworthy treatments and unmatched artistic skills, customized to meet unique client needs.

Located in Cheltenham, Steve possesses partner clinics across the UK, testament to his exceptionalism and industry success.