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Semi-Permanent Makeup Artistry


Stevie Cosmetics, by Steve Douch, presents semi-permanent makeup techniques for a natural aesthetic and divine perfection!Steve Douch is an expert makeup artist who can help you achieve defined lips, bold eyes, and a youthful appeal with advanced semi-permanent makeup techniques.

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The Top Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist in the UK

Steve Douch – Founder of STV Cosmetics, Professional Teacher, and Permanent Makeup Artist.
Having started a lucrative career more than a decade ago, Steve first entered the realm ofcosmetics upon working in film and television. As a professional teacher, assessor and IQA, he has taught countless students from colleges to private schools across the UK.
During his studies, Steve pursued a course in Immunology, which expanded his knowledge of the body and its interaction with artistic applications. It was his break working alongside theNouveau HD beauty group in the UK teaching permanent makeup that initiated the inspiration behind his diverse, valuable, and inspirational cosmetic pursuits.

Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

Stevie Cosmetics’ semi-permanent eyeliner is precisely applied along the lashline, top or bottom, to create a beautifully defined and brighter eye. Semi-permanent eyeliner helps eliminate tiredness and dullness by elongating the eyes.Our eye-sculpting enhancement is easily touched-up 6 months to a year after application.Easily step out with confidence and forget about waterproof cosmetics or liner smudges that emphasize dark undereye circles. Semi-permanent eyeliner by Stevie Cosmetics is the solution to bright, beautiful eyes without the fuss.
For semi-permanent makeup in the UK, schedule a consult with Stevie Cosmetics today.

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Precision Technology

Our cutting-edge technology encourages the absorption of micro-pigments to produce the finest cosmetic detail. We use medical-grade equipment and non-allergenic inks to achieve precision enhancement.
Steve Douch has studied permanent makeup and hygiene for more than a decade. His exceptionally trained and certified cosmetic artists meet his stringent standards and industry compliance. Each professional artist has developed the skill and technical abilities to bring your vision of a natural or bold cosmetic enhancement, to reality.

Semi-Permanent Makeup Near Me

Stevie's cosmetic clinics are based across the UK, including Sutton, Worcester Park, Wales, and Cheltenham. Cheltenham represents his primary facility, where he specialises in both semi-permanent and permanent makeup.

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Naturally Beautifying Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques

Semi-permanent makeup delivered by Stevie Cosmetics creates a beautiful enhancement of your natural features without the permanence of cosmetic tattooing. Our professional team of certified semi-permanent makeup artists creates custom colours and cosmetic design to suit individual looks and preferences.

“Our clients are amazed at the flawless results achieved with Stevie Cosmetics.”

The secret to the extraordinary results achieved with our semi-permanent makeup techniques is owed to its subtlety. A natural enhancement creates youthfulness with emphasis on brighter skin and defined eyes.
Precision applications with customized colour blends create the optimum look across the eyes, brows, and lips.
Our trusted and leading semi-permanent makeup procedures will not cause bruising or downtime, ensuring your new look is on point!

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