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A Premium Cosmetic Line for Lasting, Beautiful Results

STV Cosmetics is an exclusive range of foundations developed by esteemed makeup artist, Steve Douch. Designed for precision and natural enhancement, STV Cosmetics is about artistry, innovation, and aesthetic transformation.

The STV Makeup Collection helps you create your very own signature look. Whether an everyday casual appeal or glamourous feel, choose from high definition foundation and skin illuminators for your special makeup needs.

STV Cosmetics is based on the experience and expertise of Steve Douch, who has achieved immense artistic and cosmetic success from the red carpet to private practice. He recognized the biggest obstacle among clients was their skin and focused on producing a quality cosmetic line that addressed skincare concerns while creating a flawless enhancement.

Beauty Portrait

Foundations for Flawless Skin

Used by Celebrities

Steve Douch introduces a high definition and lightweight foundation which provides maximum coverage. Ideal for women and men of all ages, the cosmetically researched formulation provides medium to buildable coverage.
A weightless consistency helps minimize a caked feel while the self-setting and water-resistant properties leave you feeling confident with all-day coverage.

Foundations for Flawless Skin

Used by Celebrities

STV Cosmetics Foundations have a non-transferrable formulation and no ashy bleed through helping you conceal unwanted dark marks and uneven skin tone.
Its collagen formulation helps to reduce puffiness while smoothing skin for a supple feel.
Available in 8 beautifying shades from light to dark, you are sure to find the right foundation for your skin enhancing needs.

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