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STV Cosmetics

STV Cosmetics represents confidence, sheer artistry, and how the finest combinations of makeup can capture individual beauty.

Art inspired by beauty

STV Cosmetics represents confidence, sheer artistry, and how the finest combinations of makeup can capture individual beauty. Founded by esteemed makeup artist to the stars and creator of the premium makeup line, STV Cosmetics, Steve Douch brings years of expertise, artistry, and passion to the realm of cosmetics.

With precision in his sights and a natural eye for detail, Steve is an expert in permanent and semi-permanent makeup applications. His ventures include successful international courses he teaches as an inspirational trainer and leader in the art of PMU.


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Makeup Set

The brand about you

STV Cosmetics - proudly created by cosmetic artist extraordinaire, Steve Douch, includes his lasting makeup techniques, celebrity inspired and unisex foundation line, and his specialized focus on the beautifying and transformative results permanent and semi-permanent cosmetic treatments can provide. The brand is about enhancing your natural beauty and expanding your knowledge in the fine art of makeup.


STV Cosmetics

STV Cosmetics includes a premium range of foundations compatible with most skin types.

Steve's cosmetic line includes his celebrity-inspired foundations suitable for men and women of all ages.

After years of experience in managing different skin types, Steve focused on the creation of a premium foundation that was weightless in the application providing full coverage but with a natural feel. STV Cosmetics is widely recognized for its high-quality foundation that is simple to apply, water-resistant, and available in 8 great shades to best complement individual complexions.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Steve Douch is an expert in teaching permanent makeup for international audiences. His education and experience in the art of permanent makeup and ability to bring joy into the lives of cancer patients through cosmetic enhancement inspired his innovative and flattering semi-permanent cosmetic applications. Steve specialized semi-permanent makeup applications to enhance client confidence in combination with its convenient cosmetic results.



Microblading and micro-pigmentation are specialties taught and applied by STV Cosmetics to enhance the beauty, contours, and the natural appeal of eyebrows.

Steve specializes in teaching permanent makeup, hygiene, and microblading treatments to define and develop the technical skills that are lacking in the permanent makeup industry. 


STV Cosmetics Clinics

STV Cosmetics is represented by its professional clinics in Sutton, Worcester Park, Wales, Stroud, and Cheltenham Park.

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