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STV Cosmetics

Naturally Beautifying Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques

STV Cosmetics, by Steve Douch, presents semi-permanent makeup techniques for a natural aesthetic and divine perfection! Steve Douch is an expert makeup artist who can help you achieve defined lips, bold eyes, and a youthful appeal with advanced semi-permanent make-up and microblading techniques

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For Steve Douch, a professional semi-permanent makeup artist and founder of STV Cosmetics, cosmetic enhancement is about natural beauty created by art. High definition makeup and professional artistry can define lashes, brighten eyes, and sculpt brows. It encourages confidence, youthfulness, and a flawless complexion. STV Cosmetics is the world’s leading premium makeup brand, created to help you achieve beautiful and precision cosmetic results you will adore!


“Our clients are amazed at the flawless results achieved by Stevie.”


The secret to the extraordinary results, achieved with our semi-permanent makeup techniques is owed to its subtlety. A natural enhancement creates youthfulness appearance. Precision applications with customized colour blends create the optimum look across the eyes, brows, and lips. Our trusted and leading semi-permanent makeup procedures will not cause bruising or downtime, ensuring your new look is on point!

Who is Steve Douch?

Steve Douch is a UK makeup artist to the stars with over a decade of experience and expertise in cosmetics. Inspired by the unique makeup requests of his celebrity clientele, Steve developed STV Cosmetics, a premium range of cosmetic products to address imperfections while enhancing natural beauty. Steve believes in high quality and high definition makeup for precision applications and lasting wear, allowing you to shine on the inside and the outside.

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The Best Makeup Treatments 

For semi-permanent and permanent makeup enhancement, Stevie introduces precision microblading for gorgeously shaped brows, lip defining techniques, and lasting eyeliner for brighter, defined eyes.  
Lasting cosmetic applications provide convenience and can enhance facial features with precision.


Stevie’s main clinic is based in Cheltenham


Stevie also visits clinics in Worcester Park (Kingston), Banstead (Surrey), Stroud (Gloucestershire) and Wales

STV Cosmetics 

Are you looking to create the perfect pout or desire a foundation that meets your unique needs? STV Cosmetics presents a professional line of makeup for the woman who is looking for everyday cosmetic wear for a soft, natural result or a bold look, perfect for a dramatic transformation. 
STV Cosmetics presents a collection of celebrity inspired unisex foundations and skin illuminators.