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STV Cosmetics

Naturally Beautifying Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques

Welcome to Stevie Cosmetic Makeup Unlock Your Beauty Potential with Micropigmentation Enhance your natural beauty and confidence with the art of micropigmentation at Stevie Cosmetic Makeup. With over 15 years of expertise, Stevie brings his passion and creativity to every treatment, delivering stunning and lasting results. From eyebrow enhancements to glamorous eyeliner and lip perfection, discover the transformative power of micropigmentation with Stevie.

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For Steve Douch, a professional semi-permanent makeup artist and founder of STV Cosmetics, cosmetic enhancement is about natural beauty created by art. High definition makeup and professional artistry can define lashes, brighten eyes, and sculpt brows. It encourages confidence, youthfulness, and a flawless complexion. STV Cosmetics is the world’s leading premium makeup brand, created to help you achieve beautiful and precision cosmetic results you will adore!


“Our clients are amazed at the flawless results achieved by Stevie.”


The secret to the extraordinary results, achieved with our semi-permanent makeup techniques is owed to its subtlety. A natural enhancement creates youthfulness appearance. Precision applications with customized colour blends create the optimum look across the eyes, brows, and lips. Our trusted and leading semi-permanent makeup procedures will not cause bruising or downtime, ensuring your new look is on point!

STV Cosmetics & Makeup is based at Nineteen Beauty and Aesthetics, 19 Shurdington Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL53 0JA.

Who is Steve Douch?

The Artist Behind Stevie Cosmetic Makeup Meet Stevie Douch, the visionary artist behind Stevie Cosmetic Makeup. With an illustrious background in the micropigmentation industry, Stevie's journey began in special effects makeup and extended to film, television, and makeup artistry.


Over the years, he honed his skills, eventually becoming a renowned makeup artist, educator, and industry influencer. As an esteemed makeup artist and cosmetic innovator, Stevie's expertise shines through in every treatment he offers. His commitment to excellence and a creative approach to beauty make him a true pioneer in the world of micropigmentation.

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​Elevate Your Beauty with Micropigmentation Explore our range of micropigmentation treatments that redefine beauty with precision and care. From Hairstroke, Combination, and Ombre Eyebrows to stunning Eyeliner enhancements, Stevie's artistic touch ensures results that are as natural as they are remarkable. Experience the transformative art of micropigmentation that empowers your confidence and unveils your best self.​

  • Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Microblading

  • Semi-Permanent Eye Enhancements (eyeliner/eyelashes)

  • Semi-Permanent Lip Enhancements

  • Anti-Wrinkle Injections


Stevie’s main clinic is based in Cheltenham


Stevie also visits clinics in Worcester Park (Kingston), Banstead (Surrey), Stroud (Gloucestershire) and Wales

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