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The Best Tips for Semi-Permanent Makeup and Safety in the Pandemic

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

As the government has updated its regulations for salons, spas, and cosmetic practices, official guidelines ensure your safety in pursuit of the beauty therapies you desire. While your preferred semi-permanent makeup artists were closed during the lockdown period, the introduction of stringent practices from the waiting room to consultation help every client receives beautifying semi-permanent makeup while protecting against the risk of Covid-19. We take a closer look at the safety measures in place and how you can make a trip to your professional salon artist, confident that your interests are put first.

Covid-19 Regulations Introduced By the Minister of Parliament for the Salon Industry

The local Minister of Parliament (MP), Alex Chalk, visited the clinic, Nineteen Beauty and Aesthetics, upon the news that salons and professional beauty therapists were permitted to resume treatments and client consultations amid Covid-19. During this period, clinics were expertly prepared from the necessary equipment to implementing safety regulations every step of the way. Minister Chalk was shown just how, even on the outcome of a pandemic, we work as a united front and follow the highest safest measures across all practices. He was incredibly impressed and has since advocated the safety of clients to return to the salon.

Reasons to Visit Your Professional Salon Even in a Pandemic

At STV Cosmeticswe are proud to announce our re-opening and availability of all your preferred semi-permanent makeup and beauty services in accordance with regulations approved by the Minister of Parliament, Alex Chalk.

As the founder of STV Cosmetics,I am well trained in immunology and blood-borne virus practices and an expertly trained level 4 permanent makeup artist. This has allowed me to introduce the highest safety standards that exceed the basic requirements issued by the local government. As our valued client, we welcome you to visit us for a treatment or two, with the peace of mind, optimum preventative measures, and professionalism delivered throughout your scheduled appointment.

STV Cosmeticshas incorporated standard Covid-19 safety precautions, including the provision of PPE such as nitrile gloves, face masks, and visors for our staff while implementing medical-grade cleaning products and more to ensure clients and staff are protected.

We also provide timely appointments, so waiting rooms are free-flowing, never crowded, and consultations never overlap.

Services You Can Receive at STV Cosmetics

From microblading and facials to eyelash enhancements, brow threading, and botox to top-up semi-permanent makeup, schedule your next consultation with us for your next beautifying treatment.

Working in close proximity with our clients, our staff and salon artists wear a complete safety gear set and implement strict practices to keep you comfortable and safe.

As we continue to follow regular updates on PPE, guidelines for salons, and prioritize our clients' interests, you can rest assured that your health is put first while you receive your choice of beauty enhancement with us.

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